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  • Can all of your employees concisely explain what the company does?
  • How do all of your systems and activities support your brand’s promise?
  • Do you review and establish new priorities every quarter?
  • How well do your priorities for the quarter, year and three years align?
  • Does your long term corporate goal influence day to day decisions?

Where should you start if you have not yet clearly defined the best strategy for your company?  At the beginning, of course.

We generally start by identifying your core competencies and how they can best be leveraged.  From there, it all depends.  There will be conversations about your ‘core’ customers, their evolving needs, your brand, the market you compete in, etc.

The outcome will be clarity of direction and precise, implementable one page action plans with assigned accountability.  These will set you up to achieve the most critical decisions an executive team can make to drive alignment and performance.

Free Tool: One Page Strategic Plan

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